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Whole body sketches
I know it's pretty expensive, but a fully body will be 20. I would have to reference it and it would take a grand long time xD But, I'll do it happily with other characters keeping it the same price!


1 character is 20 points
2 characters is 20 points
3 characters is 25 points
4 characters is 30 points
and so on from there ^^
I will do these of faces, just send me a ref you know the deal ^^' Can be colored with colored pencils, or just plain if wanted. I think my strong points are female eyes and male hair ^^
Wolf Sketches
These are just plain sketches of wolves. I will do two for ten and one for 8 points ^^ Can be shaded, colored, or anything you want. All you must do is send me a ref!



Hi guys, imma keep this short and just state where you can now find me.

Im 24-7 on my Instagram @maypheus

and my new tumblr (for people who only followed me on tumblr and stuff to keep in contact) is Aquafina-needed so yeah

ill reply to notes now but otherwise DA is abandoned and I won't post anymore art so <3
Hello guys, I'm here to tell you guys to go watch bae on twitch <3
He's playing the Last of Us and yep ^~^
Oh yea, my senpai noticed me and we are dating now; long story short ^^
Go watch him at
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

Is it fine to say that life really is blessed; all you wish is death - is that such a sacred thing?

The days got harder each waking moment he laid there, bed-bound to yet a small twin sized mattress of broken strings and creaking movings. It would seem tedious for a man who was on the move, however, this was not Sean. Who is Sean? A simple one, one of captivating looks and poetic demeanor; a man of few words and grand schemes. His eyes are like the true color of pure amethyst, skin pale as polished ivory. The structure of him was lithe and long, yet his strength remained present even in his sickened days such as these. His bones were strong and sculpted, just as his muscles were… he looked practically like a living doll from a magazine.

As he rose to a sitting position, he pulled back his hair that was starting to slowly grow down the back of his neck. He hated the plastering feeling of it at this point in time; however, what purpose was there to cut it? Having none, he only pulled the tiny bit back and wrapped it in a plain black tie, the ebony hair shining a faint raven in the light of the room. Rising, his gaze turns to a photo of a pink haired boy with orbs that shine of oceans, bright and blue. He smiled weakly, as he knew that little one no longer lived in this dorm he now called home.

As a cough raked the ebony haired male - a monotonic voice called out to him. “Are you taking your cough drops?”

“No, I only just got up,” was his reply to the voice with no portrait currently. He did reply with true causality though, as he was his current roommate until his deathbed.

The blonde boy turned the corner, blue eyes greeting him… but, they were no longer bright and waves of blue - but frozen over like ice. His skin was pale like Raven’s, though he looked like a skeleton with just a sheet of white as an excuse for skin to cover such prominent bones sticking out of his tiny frame.

“Well, shit, you should really take them.” he practically spat, crossing his arms as his paper thin chest, staring up at him with only a white tank and black flannel pants decorating his frail frame.

He never got used to his new language, it was still alien. The truth of the matter with how much he changed not just in appearance… but personality, it really scared him at times. Constantly though, the same reminder came up constantly in the back of his cranium ‘He’s gone, this is Anton; not Annie.’

His mind soon drifted off to memories of the Annie he knew, soft, kind… no too outspoken; welcoming. Annie had the type of personality that gave you cavities, always insisting that you call him Annie instead of Anton. His biggest weakness was his long list of fears and his need to fit in, but being a boy with pink hair was a tough thing wasn’t it? He still remembered the first time he met him, his own best friend at his side, looking over him as he balled. He was only thirteen, having multiple bruises and reddened eyes from his tears that burned them. All in all, he looked like shit the first time he met him… and he didn’t say anything besides sniffle once in awhile. At the time he didn’t care about him either.

The girl - Raven’s best friend - had turned to him, smiling as if in a plea for help. Her long, thick waves of ebony hair drifted down her back like a soothing and smooth stream of silk. Her eyes glittered as true sapphires, her smile the one you find in those crappy dentist commercials… yet, it was real and always genuine. That’s what he loved about his best friend; his sister he should say at this point. She was his savior in thick and thin, and now was his time to assist her.

“Hey, Raven, could you fetch the kleenex in my purse?” she asked in that soothing and kind voice of hers.

Raven could only nod, offering his cocky response as he always did. “Why, sure, seems the kid really needs something to wipe the fluids of his face.”

Instead of a usual smile at his joke however, a dirty glare came and an outstretched hand; “Just give me it.” she had demanded. That’s how his first feeling towards the pink-haired boy at the time arose, jealousy… just because he was very possessive sometimes over his best friend, he would admit it. Sean only gave her the kleenex, his touch gentle when she dabbed the boy’s eyes.

He was calming down, soon staring up at Raven, who only offered a glare back. “Well, aren’t you going to introduce yourself?” demanded Ranae, seeming about fed up with him at this point… which made him in turn more frustrated with the girly looking boy.

Raven only clicked his tongue, stating his name as he rolled his eyes. “Name’s Raven.”

All he got in response was a open-mouthed stare, the boy’s reddened nose too stuffed up to breath through it… thus, he breathed through his bruised lips. He seemed to try and respond now that he remembers, but all that came out was a pained groan, and a sigh was Ranae.

“His name is Anton, call him Annie though, will you.” Ranae had managed to state for the cat-eyed boy, who nodded painfully.

Raven remembered himself scoffing, Ranae looking murderous towards him when he did. “Annie? Last time I checked, you weren’t a chick.” he muttered.


All of that was the past though, there was no longer the broken boy Ranae and Raven had practically the task of protecting. No more Annie, the one person Ranae sacrificed her life to bring back… it’s all a long and tedious story for another time though.

He sighed, watching him for a long while with his violet eyes baring on him. “Fine, I’ll be back. It’s not going to help none.”

“It’s worth a short, sometimes you can be so stubborn.” Anton had started, making Raven roll his eyes and smirk in response as he went off.

It really wasn’t going to help a dying man.
Nevermore Memorial - 1
Hey guys, this is a thing.

Um, I never post anymore / have time to get on / am productive but... this is a continuing Christmas gift you should say?

My dear friend Crossed CrossedMyWays is giving up roleplaying since for multiple reasons she doesn't find joy in it anymore, however, she loves her characters very much. So, basically, Raven is her last character alive... her persona and what she loves to be called by. Basically, I am going to make a probably five part series and continue on it everyday. If I miss one tomorrow, it's in progress and it might be a late gift. Crossed will come online probably New Years and update you guys with the details as to why she is giving up roleplaying probably for good.

Thanks guys, and hope you enjoy!

Writing (c) Me
Anton/Annie (c) Me
Raven/Sean (c) Crossed
Ranae (c) Crossed


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This girl is an absolute sweety, and her art deserves more love. I think points would be helpful to her so that she can more indulge into Deviantart, and probably get more experience from her art in multiple ways. She also is taking commissions, so points can be given that way!


A girl that is talented beyond believe to me at her age. She does mostly requests out of the kindness of her heart, and I think she deserves even more recognition. I would love it if you guys commissioned her, or just gave her points; watching her would be amazing!

:heart: KitkatRevolution

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